what we do

As a co-operative holding company, we:


Spot investment opportunities
Negotiate win-win acquisitions
Take over control
Secure future growth


Identify quick-wins
Streamline processes
Implement ERP/BI tooling
Recalibrate strategy


Create new solutions
Build strategic partnerships
Identify interesting synergies
Surprise the market

About us

Secure Growth is founded by ambitious security professionals, with a combined experience of almost 60 years in IT, electronics, security and business administration. The company operates as a holding company, with a co-operative capital structure open to external investors and partners.
We believe that most types of growth incur higher risks: cities attract more citizens, companies expand their markets, fading borders bring more diversity, evolving technology increases complexity. Securing this growth is key if we want it to be sustainable, but that requires a multidisciplinary approach and a unique blend of idealism, knowledge, technology, hard work, experience and fun. That's where we come in: our goal is to contribute to a safer world by securing the growth of companies, institutions and communities. Secure Growth isn't selling any products or services, instead we aim to create value by bringing passionate people and their companies and offerings together on one co-operative platform, to the benefit of our customers. Our capital is open to everyone who shares our vision, be it as a partner or as an investor.
Only by working together we can be key in securing your growth!

  • Access Control, CCTV, Fire, IoT

  • Videosurveillance, ANPR, Smart City

  • Networking, Cloud, VPN, Firewalls

  • ISO 27001 (BCP/DRP), Consultancy

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